Frequently Asked Questions

We get some similar questions from time to time as a way to better serve you we’ve accrued some of these questions with the appropriate answers. If you’re still stuck or didn’t see what you’re looking for, contact us at or by phone at (541) 550-3467. Thank you! We will keep adding as needed, we hope you have a lovely day.

-Brenda & Cheryl

How do I pay for services?

I accept cash, checks, and major credit cards for the Classes and the Concierge Services.  I can also accept payment from HSAs (Health Savings Accounts) for the Classes and Concierge services.

Please note: As of November 2016, I will take payment for the Classes over the phone when you sign up.  This helps prevent people from signing up for a Class, then not showing up.  I purchase supplies based on the # of people signed up for a Class.

Do you bill insurance for the Concierge Services?

We currently do not bill insurance.  We can take payment from HSA accounts.  Clients will also be provided with a Superbill for the services, which they may then submit to their health insurance.  To date, we have had patients reimbursed for about 60% of services billed to their commercial insurance plans.  Medicare and Medicaid will not reimburse for these services.

Can I pay for Concierge Services in installments?

Yes, but we will review this on a case by case basis.

Will you ever accept insurance (Medicaid, Commercial Insurance, and Medicare)? Why don't you take insurance?

We are actively trying to get insurance to cover these services, but, to date, insurance plans don’t typically contract with physicians to provide diet, exercise, and lifestyle counseling.  You can help push this forward by demanding that your insurance cover Lifestyle Medicine services to prevent and reverse chronic diseases.  It will save them money, too!