– Cheryl Bauermeister ANP

My Story

I am a nurse practitioner, who has worked most of her 30 year career in cardiology. I’ve practiced in many different settings, all in the Seattle area. Over the years, I’ve developed special interest in disease prevention and cardiac risk reduction.

I first learned about plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine in 2012. I was intrigued by it’s simplicity and even more impressed by the positive outcomes. It just made sense. I started attending conferences, meeting like-minded colleagues, and joined in the groundswell of enthusiasm around this approach to chronic disease management. At the same time, I slowly began incorporating it’s principles in to my own life. It’s been an experience that has redefined my understanding of health, and inspired a new direction for my career.

I moved to Bend in 2017, where I met Dr. Brenda Johnson. Together, we hope to combine our experiences and offer lifestyle medicine services to the Bend community.

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My Education

I have a bachelor of nursing degree from San Diego State University, and a master of nursing from The University of Washington, where I completed my nurse practitioner training.

My nutrition and lifestyle medicine training includes continuing education courses and conferences through The Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine, The American College of Lifestyle Medicine, The McDougall Health & Wellness Center and The Plantrician Project. In addition, I completed the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate course through eCornell and The T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.

I am a certified CHIP facilitator and have assisted in countless cooking classes through PCC Cooks in Seattle.

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